Our Values


Integrity and honesty are our primary values in all our business processes and relationships. We act with integrity and honesty in our relationships with candidates and all our clients.

As 2be employees, we aim to avoid conflicts of interest. Taking advantage of our current mission; We do not obtain personal benefit from individuals and organizations with whom we have business relations, personally, through our family or relatives, and we do not engage in business activities based on additional financial interest. Information of our client companies; We avoid using it for personal benefit.

Since we believe that the interests of the Candidate and the Company can be safely protected through legal and ethical methods, we apply these methods.


Our Responsibilities

In addition to our legal responsibilities; We take care to fulfill our responsibilities towards our client companies, employees, suppliers and business partners, competitors, society and humanity.


Our Legal Responsibilities

All our activities and transactions at home and abroad are carried out by T.R. We carry out our activities within the framework of laws and international law, and provide accurate, complete and understandable information to legal regulatory institutions and organizations in a timely manner.

While carrying out all our activities and transactions, we remain at equal distance to all kinds of public institutions and organizations, administrative formations, non-governmental organizations and political parties, without expecting any benefit, and we fulfill our obligations with this awareness of responsibility.


Our Responsibilities Towards Our Client Companies

We work with a proactive approach that focuses on customer satisfaction and responds to the needs and demands of our client companies in the shortest time and in the most accurate way. We provide our services on time and under the conditions we promise; We approach our customers within the framework of the rules of respect, honor, justice, equality and courtesy.


Our Responsibilities Towards Employees

We treat our employees honestly and fairly, and we are committed to a non-discriminatory, safe and healthy working environment. We make the necessary efforts for the individual development of our employees and support them to volunteer for appropriate social and community activities in which they will take part with an awareness of social responsibility.


Our Sensitivity to Competition

We compete effectively only in legal and ethical areas and avoid unfair competition. We support efforts to ensure the targeted competitive structure within the society.


Our Responsibilities Toward Society and Humanity

Protection of democracy, human rights, and the environment; Education and charity, eliminating crime and corruption are very important to us. With the awareness of being a good citizen, he acts sensitively as a pioneer in social issues; We try to take part in non-governmental organizations, services for the public interest, and appropriate activities on these issues.

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