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A person always wants to have a good and reliable friend in life. Companies need a good partner and a good advisor throughout the years they carry on their business just like human beings.

For this purpose, 2be was established to provide consultancy services to companies on purchasing, customs, stock management and logistics.

We provide business, solution and success partnerships with companies by offering our experiences in the fields of purchasing, supply chain, logistics/warehousing, consultancy. Erkan Kuruoğlu, the founder of our company and our power representative, brings together his 25 years of industry experience, knowledge and experience in purchasing, starting from the F&B department, and transfers all his knowledge to 2be Purchasing Consultancy company.

After graduating from Selçuk University Tourism Management in 1989 and working as an F&B food and beverage manager in various hotels, Erkan Kuruoğlu moved to the purchasing department in 1995 and worked as a purchasing manager in hotels for 3 years.

In 1998, he was transferred to the Purchasing Manager of Gate Gourmet Usaş, a world giant in the catering industry. Usaş; It is Turkey’s most established company in the field of restaurants and catering. Erkan Kuruoğlu has worked as the Purchasing Manager of nearly 300 restaurants, cafes, bars and food courts at airports in our country for approximately 11 years.

He also took part as the project leader in the concept creation and operation of Lara Beach in Antalya, which has Tike, Zarifi, Delizya and 12 beaches, which were accepted by the gate gourmet senior management.

In 2008, he was transferred to LSG, a global giant AAC Lufthansa, as Turkey Purchasing Director.

During his time at Lufthansa LSG, he created the Starfood project and carried out the process from its feasibility to its establishment.

Erkan Kuruoğlu put into effect the AVV project, which is also within the Lufthansa group. As a professional manager to AVV, he was appointed as a Member of the Board of Directors and General Manager in accordance with the Management contract with the Lufthansa staff, and founded the company and took over its management for a while.

At the end of 2012, he left his professional managerial career and founded his own company, 2be Purchasing Services Joint Stock Company.

Our Mission

Companies that want to maintain their commercial success in the global economic system, where balances change all the time, need reliable, stable and innovative business partners.

As 2be Purchasing; We aim to establish a business, solution and success partnership with your company in purchasing and supply chain management.

One of the basic principles of 2be is to ensure continuity in product and service quality; Our aim is to always offer alternative solutions to meet your needs by anticipating potential problems that may occur during the supply process.

Our aim is to ensure that our customers receive the right products and services under the most favorable conditions, with high quality and in accordance with international standards, thanks to our know-how and experience at home and abroad, our supply ability and the network we have established with leading manufacturers in the sector.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring together our experience with the needs of our business partners in the light of the principle of continuous development with technological and innovative solutions and to share what we know.

Because we are among those who believe that knowledge increases as it is shared, and in our opinion, 1+1=3 is only possible with synergy.

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